In the days and weeks following the Rapture, First Sergeant Samuel “Goose” Gander and his 75th Army Rangers have held firm while the Turkish/Syrian–border skirmish erupted into full-scale war. As the Syrian army surrounds Sanliurfa, Turkey, the Rangers’ base of operations, Goose begins to suspect he faces enemies within the city as well. Someone in his circle works for the Antichrist, and whoever it is won’t stop until Goose is destroyed.

Back home at Fort Benning, Georgia, Megan Gander fights all the judicial resources of the U.S. Army. Megan sidestepped the chain of command in her quest to help teens orphaned by the Rapture, and the army wants her to back down, to stop talking about the good news of Jesus Christ’s abiding love. Her refusal launches a spectacular court battle where everything she holds dear is at stake—including her freedom.

With lives—souls—on the line, the fires of the apocalypse burn ever higher.

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About The Author

Mel Odom is a full-time writer with many published works to his credit. Mel has been inducted into the Oklahoma Professional Writers Hall of Fame and received the Alex Award for his fantasy novel The Rover. The first novel in the Left Behind: Apocalypse series, Apocalypse Dawn, continues to appear on the best-seller list. Mel resides in Oklahoma with his wife and five children.

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