About The Author

Born in Bellflower, California, Malanya M. Donaho was six months old when her parents relocated to Arkansas. She was raised in a Christian home, accepted Jesus as her Savior when she was five, and she was thirteen when writing found her. Upon graduating high school, Malanya entered the work force, where at age twenty-one, she met the man God had created for her. A year later, they were married and now have two children: a daughter in Heaven and a son who has surrendered to be an evangelist. In addition to writing, Malanya loves singing, song writing, playing piano, playing video games, reading, storm spotting, and furthering her knowledge of American Sign Language. Malanya and her family attend Grace Baptist Church of Conway and live in Central Arkansas with her mother-in-law, their six dogs, three cats, and various goats and chickens, the number of which fluctuates on a regular basis.