Crossroads of Awakening Memory
End Times Convergence Series #1
M.D. House
Genres: YA/Teen Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery
Release Date: April 26, 2024

ISBN-13: ‎979-8324048983

Book Summary:
To young trainee Rain Barynd, becoming a Council Guard in bucolic New Haven will secure a positive future that involves neither farming nor any real fighting. Impressing his girlfriend’s skeptical parents and overcoming a handful of bullies among the trainees—along with the inexplicable intensity of his trainer, a decorated warrior from the East—are his greatest challenges. Or so he believes.

A rare and ruthless bandit attack marks the beginning of the mayhem that engulfs Rain’s childhood home and sets him on an unimaginable path that includes…his own magic? Talismans that enable travel to other worlds? Griffons and dragons, ancient nemeses thought to be long extinct? Strange metal beasts that spit bellowing fire? And even elves of fairy tale, as real as the dwarves?

Amid a besom of chaos and doubt, Rain must work with members of a mysterious ancient order to piece together a growing convergence of clues long prophesied. All while trying to figure out his place in the madness. Only one thing is certain—he is not ready.


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About The Author

M.D. HOUSE is the author of Pillars of Barabbas, as well as the first book in the Barabbas Series, I Was Called Barabbas, and the science-fiction novel, Patriot Star. Before beginning his second career as a writer, he worked for twenty-five years in the world of corporate finance, strategic planning, and business development. Now, Michael lives in Utah with his wife, where he spends his time writing and enjoying his children and grandchildren.

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