New Love Blooms as Spring Falls on Gresham

reviews from reader’s across the country accompanied Lawana Blackwell’s
first two books in THE GRESHAM CHRONICLES and now, with The Dowry of Miss Lydia Clark,
she introduces her most charming story yet! Set in 1872 in a quaint
English village and filled with unforgettable and charming characters,
you will be transported to a world of love, discovery, and yearning
hearts as you enter lives of the Gresham residents.

It is April
in Gresham, and Julia and Andrew Phelps have been married for over a
year. Three of the children in their blended family attend the Octavia
Bartley School of Advanced Learning where Lydia Clark is the
schoolmistress. Tall and plain, the thirty-four-year-old teacher is
thought to possess a handsome dowry, and is sought by a local man hoping
to gain its fortune.

At the same time, Jacob Pitney, an
archaeologist uncovering ruins at Anwyl, becomes enamored with the
writer Miss Rawlins. In an attempt to win her, he hires Lydia to help
him understand Miss Rawlins’ novelettes. The bashful archaeologist does
indeed come to an understanding, but it is hardly what he anticipated!

spring arrives in full, the town of Gresham reawakens to life. Soon
more than one unlikely romance blooms among her villagers and readers
will be delighted as even a bruised and timid heart is made to feel
young and renewed.

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About The Author

A full-time author, Lawana Blackwell's books include her beloved Gresham Chronicles and Tales of London series. Blackwell lives in Louisiana with husband Buddy, a supervisor at an oil refinery. They are empty nesters who love to visit their three grown sons and families. Her other interests include visiting her parents and siblings in Mississippi, vegetarian cooking, and naturally, reading.

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