One Man’s Treasure
The Protector Series #3
Laura Domino
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense
Release Date: November 8, 2021


Book Summary:

Max is hired to prevent a murder. Lies leave him wondering who the real villain is. When the truth is revealed, Max must stop a murderer’s deceit.

Penny wants her family’s museum to thrive, so she helps host a fundraiser at the family estate. Her brother has invited the guests, planned the menu, and even provided a few surprises. When her brother doesn’t show up for the fundraiser, questions abound.

Sharla and Dorian’s story continues. Mr. Bowen invites Sharla to get long-awaited answers, but she must meet him in person to get them. Does she dare take the risk?

Read now to get your questions answered in One Man’s Treasure, the third and final book in The Protectors Series.


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About The Author

Laura Domino writes Christian Romance and Nonfiction about loving God and people. She is a Texan and loves seeing people using their unique gifts to bless others around them. Having volunteered locally and internationally, she's experienced the thrill of helping people. Now she shares the joy of serving the community through her novels.

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