An American Immigrant
Johanna Rojas Vann
Genres: Women’s Fiction
Release Date: August 15, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎0593445554
ISBN-13: ‎978-0593445556

Book Summary:
A Colombian American journalist tries to save her career by taking an assignment somewhere she never thought she’d go—Colombia—in this heartwarming debut novel about rediscovering our family stories.

Melanie Carvajal is a twenty-five-year-old Colombian American, but if anyone were to ask where she’s from, she’d answer Maryland. Her parents are immigrants, but it’s not something she’s ever felt the need to talk about. She had enough of that growing up always feeling like an outsider.

Up until now, she’s done everything possible to overachieve, and it’s worked. She insists her grit and dedication to the study of journalism are what landed her a job at the Miami Herald right out of college. But her first year as a reporter isn’t going as planned. Article after article returns to her marked up in red pen or not published at all.

Desperate to save her career with a piece that will remind her boss why he hired her in the first place, she takes an assignment that sends her to Cali, Colombia. But what starts as a professional opportunity soon becomes a journey of self-discovery. Between finding her mother’s journals that contain stories she’s never heard, reconnecting with her loving abuela whom she hasn’t seen in years, and discovering a love for the heritage she’d long pushed away,Melanie will learn what makes her the writer and person she was created to be.


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About The Author

Johanna Rojas Vann is a professional writer whose work can be found online and within numerous publications. She is a second-generation Colombian American, with dual citizenship, and lives with her husband and children in Nashville, Tennessee. Her writing has appeared in Good Grit Magazine, Grit and Grace Life, and on her own blog, where you can read about her personal experience as “An Immigrant’s Daughter.”

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