When King Solomon offers her the one thing her heart truly desires, what will she risk to obtain it?

Nicaula Bilquis Makeda, queen of Sheba, has everything a sovereign could desire: power, wealth, and a kingdom that adores her. The only thing the virgin queen lacks in Sheba’s eyes is an heir. Tradition dictates that she remain unmarried and choose a suitable girl to adopt as her successor. But Nicaula does not merely want a child to whom she may pass her scepter–she wants the love of a man who might give her a child of her own.

When King Solomon’s ships breach the boundaries of her kingdom in search of gold, spices, and exotic animals, the queen could easily send an ambassador to clear matters up. Or she could go herself. Surely this wise king could answer the questions that haunt her, especially the most distressing of them all: Would she ever truly know what it is to be loved?

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