The Deliverer
Jason Karpf
Elk Lake Publishing
Genres: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Release Date: August 14, 2022

ISBN-10: ‎ 1649496761
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1649496768

Book Summary:
What’s the official summary or plot description of your novel?: In a shattered America addicted to bloodsport, a Christian champion rises. Targeted by a tycoon, hunted by bandit armies, racing pillars of fire—will The Deliverer survive the broken land to
save the woman he loves?

Amid Civil War II, rich consumers pay armed delivery drivers to bring special purchases to their doors, pitting them against hijackers in livestream entertainment. The top driver is Bren Van Allen, known as The Deliverer, an evangelist who succeeds with ingenuity and mercy over body count.

A mysterious woman in a fortified, luxury community becomes Bren’s latest customer, embroiling him in a revenge plot against her cruel CEO husband. The stakes increase when the scheme threatens the launch of a terrifying new technology, sending Bren on his deadliest run.

Lost on the killing roads. Lives, hearts, and souls in the balance. A trillion-dollar invention up for grabs. Pray for The Deliverer.


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About The Author

Jason Karpf grew up with storytelling. The son of a screenwriter, he was a child actor guest starring on classic TV shows. Jason is the author of the novels Brimstone 1 and The Deliverer, the award-nominated novelette Basilica Obscura, and the instructional books Brimstone 1 Study Guide and Developing a Christian Marketing Plan. He teaches for Christian universities across the country and plays bass and guitar in his church’s worship team. A history and trivia aficionado, Jason was a four-time champion on the game show Jeopardy. He lives in Minnesota with his wife, Ann. They are parents of three grown children.

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