Crusader’s Quest
The Vindicators Series #5
Jake Tyson
Ambassador International
Genres: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Release Date: April 16, 2024

ISBN-10: ‎1649604351
ISBN-13: ‎978-1649604354

Book Summary:
In a world where the poor are beaten down and crime gets worse every day, Wyatt Jonson knows someone needs to step into the place vacated by the local authorities. After killing a gang member for self-preservation, Wyatt speaks with a local pastor who agrees that something needs to be done to protect the hard-working, innocent people of the Brooks.

With training and hesitant encouragement from his family, Wyatt becomes the Crusader—a masked guardian of the city attempting to stop crime in its tracks. With a silver cross as his emblem, he seeks to bring hope back to the people and keep them safe. But things don’t always go as planned for Wyatt or the Crusader.


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About The Author

Jake Tyson, a journalism graduate from Central Baptist College, has been writing creatively since he was nine years old and has been a fan of superheroes and Star Wars for as long as he can remember. He and his wife Jessica live in Conway, Arkansas. Jake works for Lifeword Media Ministry and as the youth pastor at Oak Park Baptist Church. He is the author of Vigilante’s Light and its sequel, Freedom’s Fight. He has also written a flash fiction short story, Joining the Team, for, and a short story in Ambassador International’s science fiction anthology, Into the Unknown.

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