Songs for a Sunday
Heather Norman Smith
Iron Stream Fiction
Genres: Southern Fiction
Release Date: February 7, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎ 1563096137
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1563096136

Book Summary:
Two sets of sisters, generations apart—can one big sister’s sacrifice teach the other about love and forgiveness?

1963: Twenty-year-old Annie dreams of managing the dance studio where she has trained since childhood and of marrying her high-society boyfriend. But when her younger sister with special needs gets pregnant, Annie is forced to set her dreams aside for the sake of family.

Present Day: Missy Robbins has always lived in her younger sister’s shadow. When given the opportunity, Missy steps out of her comfort zone as stay-at-home mom of four to prove she’s as good a singer as Erica. Missy’s new pursuit puts her on a path to self-discovery and reclaiming her discarded faith. Until she discovers her grandmother has a sixty-year-old secret.

Will Missy conceal Grandma Annie’s deception or will she be forced to reveal the hidden truth.


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About The Author

Heather Norman Smith lives in the Piedmont of North Carolina with her husband, their four children, and several pets. Her goal as an author is to use the written word to entertain and encourage while illuminating the redemptive love of God. In addition to writing novels, Heather enjoys writing devotions and singing about Jesus.

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