Buster Gets Back on Track
Buster the Race Car Series #2
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Tommy Nelson
Genres: Children’s
Release Date: September 19, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎ 1400233372
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1400233373

Book Summary:
Buster is back!

In Buster Gets Back on Track, Buster and the rest of the Punchy Motorsports team need to ace some brand-new moves at racing school. But when Buster struggles during practice, he gets hot under the hood–and accelerates out of there. After he turns down a path in the woods, Buster discovers a racing team unlike any he’s encountered. These large military vehicles know a thing or two about keeping cool under pressure, and their dirt track—complete with tire-sucking swamps and razor-sharp rocks–proves it! Will Buster’s off-road challenge show him how to stay calm even when things go wrong, or will Buster’s emotions spin out of control?

Full of action-packed artwork from Ela Smietanka, this follow-up to Buster’s Trip to Victory Lane:

-ideal for ages 4–8
-teaches kids how to process their emotions and calm down when they feel overwhelmed
-a perfect purchase for back-to-school celebrations, birthdays, and Christmas
-a fun, read-aloud book for story times at libraries and schools

Kids will love to see Buster get back on track in this heartfelt tale about growing up.


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