Most students have enough pressure when
they leave home for college the first time. So
imagine not just being “the Christian kid” at a
new school — but getting a set of brand-new
superpowers to deal with, too!

The Miller Sisters began in 2003 as one of
the backup series in Cardinal Adventures, a
free newspaper comics section distributed
in upper Michigan. “The Miller Sisters is
really one of those ‘talky-girl’ comics — only
the main character, Julia, finds out she’s
going to inherit superhero powers,” Erica
says. “I created Julia when I started college,
and back then I thought she would be a
fashion designer or an aviatrix. But those
stories just didn’t gel past the first few
pages. So I put her on the back burner for
several years while I worked my day job.”

Years later, Erica finally felt ready to draw a
comic strip — and dug out Julia. “I figured I
could write about an ordinary girl superhero
from a Christian worldview, and suddenly
her stories were easy to tell. Then it all fell
into place with K.J. Kolka and his Cardinal
Adventures paper, especially since The
Cardinal himself is also a Christian and a
college-aged superhero.”

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About The Author

Erica Well, cartoonist and teacher, became fascinated with creating comics at sixteen after visiting Marvel Comics. She began working in the comic book industry in retail and publishing -- including staff positions with Milestone Media, Broadway Comics, and DC Comics. She's adapted Taylor Field's A Church Called Graffiti into a graphic novel, which can be read online on her website.

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