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“I would do a great many things for you.” Even at sixteen,
Jake’s handsome features hold the calm certainty and patient confidence
of a man, and Rachel Bender knows—Jake Weaver is the one.

Rachel will grow into a strong young woman with powerful gifts—but
in a faraway country, without her Jake. In 1921, Ohio;s new law forces
Caleb Bender’s family to seek sanctuary in the wilds of Mexico where the
government will not interfere with their Amish way of life, or take
their children from them. Nor will it protect them from the bandits
terrorizing the countryside.

In an unfamiliar land where no one speaks their language or knows their
ways, the Benders establish a homestead in exile. Sisters Emma, Rachel,
and Miriam find strengths unimagined, gifts unexpected, and yearning
beyond their deepest dreams. Even steadfast Caleb is compelled to
wrestle with the demands of faith, only to discover that love has its own demands.

Paradise Valley—a tale of love, danger, and redeeming faith.

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About The Author

Dale Cramer is a husband, father, jack-of-all-trades, and author of the highly acclaimed novels Sutter's Cross and Bad Ground as well as several published works of short fiction. He and his wife and two sons make their home in northern Georgia.

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