For twenty-five years, EARL WALKER has been defined by the two worst things that ever happened to him: The death of his beloved wife, and the bullet that ended his career as a metro bus driver. Now bound to a wheelchair, he lives at Candlewick Retirement Center … where he barely knows the neighbors. Not that it matters: Following a failed state inspection, residents have thirty days to get out.

When he’s dragged from his assisted-living apartment to a clandestine spicy hot chili party, he almost has fun … until someone ends up dead. Now Earl seems to be the only one suspicious of the way the party-goer met his demise. Can he solve the puzzle—and figure out his relationship with his new lady friend—before Candlewick is closed down and the suspects move away?


“I love how Well know when
to be serious and when to
lighten the situation just a
notch. His timing is perfect.”—Melissa Willis, The
Christian Manifesto

“Well’s dry humor and great storytelling makes this cozy mystery summer fresh.”—Dee Stewart, Christian Fiction Online Magazine

“I laughed out loud a number of times reading Nursing a Grudge. I loved Earl as a cranky yet likable old guy, and as the pages kept turning in this easy read, I found the mystery spinning tighter and tighter till I could not put the book down.”—Eric Wilson, author (Facing the Giants, Fireproof)

Nursing a Grudge is a cozy mystery that hits high on the entertaining level. Chris Well’s depth of characterization makes readers feel as if they know the main characters personally—I, for one, feel as if Earl was my neighbor. Well-plotted with an interesting cast, I recommend this fun read to fans of the cozy genre!”—Robin Caroll, author (Injustice For All: A Justice Seekers Novel )