Snoopy’s deadpan,
droopy-mustached brother Spike takes center stage for an arc, then
throughout the rest of the book, pops up in Waiting for Godot-style vignettes set in his native Needles.

The Peppermint
Patty-Marcie-Charlie Brown triangle of unrequited love
heats up (kind of) while Linus continues to vociferously deny
that he is Sally’s “Sweet Babboo”. Also, a romance blossoms between
two of Snoopy’s “Beagle Scout” birds.

Charlie Brown
agrees to join Peppermint Patty’s team, only to discover
that he’s wanted not as a player but as a mascot … Linus gives up his
security blanket and forms a support group for other kids who are trying
to do the same … and Peppermint Patty manages to be held back in school
(leaving a “Snoring Ghost” to take her place in the rest of the class
that has advanced) and yet gets to go on a European trip with her dad,
sending back periodic dispatches from the road …