The only remaining woman in Carver’s Hollow, Maggie Rose has cared for a
ragtag of old men for years, bartering for a living and making soaps,
lotions, and perfumes from a special rose recipe passed down for
generations. She hasn’t wanted to marry — at least that’s what she
thought. But when a strapping young man arrives on Maggie’s doorstep,
searching for a doctor for his ailing mother, life suddenly changes for
the dark-haired beauty.

Todd Valmer is in a desperate situation. His mother needs a caretaker,
and he’s barely hanging on to his Texas farm. Maggie seems to be the
obvious solution. She can cook, care for Ma, tend his house while he
works the fields — and she’s comely, as well.

But instant attraction does not a marriage make. As a clash of cultures
and a battle of wills ensues, is there any hope that true love will
blossom between a free-spirited woman and her uncompromising husband?