The time has come.

As the long-awaited invasion of human forces looms,
Jason, Koren, and Elyssa struggle to alert the soldiers to an unforeseen
menace on the planet of Starlight — a deadly illness has been released,
one that already has Koren in its grip. Starlighter Cassabrie harbors a
secret she believes can counter the devastation being unleashed by
dragon king Taushin’s latest maneuverings, but she can disclose little
of her risky plan. As Cassabrie fights to save her people, the dragon
Magnar works to move the Starlight prophecy in his favor. His actions
could release an ancient race of dragon-like beings, making the plight
of humans even more perilous. Wishing only to free the slaves and to
bring peace, a few young warriors are poised to face three armies as
they battle for control of two worlds. Can love, faith, and courage be