Paloma: Happy Are Those
Brooks Harrington
Wipf & Stock
Genres: Contemporary
Release Date: June 22, 2022

ISBN-10: ‎ 1666741027
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1666741025

Book Summary:
Paloma, the titular character, is a woman who has suffered bitter poverty and neglect as a child and exploitation and addiction as a teen and an adult. Her life is altered with the entrance of John Levi, a lawyer from a privileged, sheltered home who answers the call of God to pastor an inner-city church. Together, Paloma and John Levi hunger and thirst for justice and mercy for the neighbors of the church and for Paloma and her daughter.

“Paloma is not unlike many women I met during my time as a Fort Worth inner-city church pastor, as a criminal prosecutor, and as a lawyer representing victims of family violence, exploitation, and abuse,” said Harrington. “What I learned more than anything during my time in the pulpit and the courtroom is that even in the depths of despair, there is always the presence and power of God. That reality angers Paloma in the novel, not unlike many who have faced trauma and believed their prayers were unheard and unanswered.”

Despite Paloma’s anger, the presence and power of God’s prayers drive John Levi to rescue Paloma from her plight. In the novel, Levi crosses a line in protecting her from evil men. Facing the consequences of his actions, John Levi struggles with the limitations imposed upon his hunger for justice by the Way of Jesus.

“The ultimate story is that both Paloma and John Levi transcend the crisis to find a new faith,” Harrington said. “How they reach that faith is the story I hope inspires those who read it.”

Already, the novel has picked up positive responses from those who understand the world of Paloma and Levi.

Randy Catterton, a senior district judge in the 231st District Court says Paloma is a powerfully written story of an attorney-turned-Methodist-minister. “As he attempts to save a young woman and her child from a life of poverty, addiction, sexual exploitation, and abuse, he struggles to follow his understanding of God’s work,” the judge said. “The novel is a true page-turner that you won’t want to put down!”


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About The Author

Brooks Harrington is a licensed attorney and a retired ordained United Methodist minister. He has served as a member of a law school faculty, a criminal prosecutor, a civil litigator, the senior pastor of an inner-city church, and the founder and head of a nonprofit legal ministry providing free legal representation and pastoral support to indigent victims of family violence and child abuse.

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