After days of brutal fighting, the Israeli forces, overpowered by the
Arabs and running out of supplies, are positioned for defeat. Moshe
Sachar, their courageous leader and one of only few Israelis remaining
in the Old City, has followed the dying wishes of an elder rabbi and has
escaped into a secret tunnel under the city, where sacred scrolls that
tell the history of their faith and people are safely hidden. Moshe
opens a scroll and becomes immersed in the extraordinary story from the
first century A.D. of Miryam, a beautiful yet troubled young widow, and
Marcus, her Roman suitor. While Marcus, a centurion who is fighting to
keep his position in the empire in the face of corrupt officials and a
native population on the brink of rebellion, feels passionately for her,
Miryam, shamed by an act of sin and haunted by the death of her mother,
is still searching for true meaning in her life. When a mysterious
prophet threatens the security of the Roman empire, Miryam’s quest for
love and forgiveness puts them all in the middle of a dangerous,
manipulative plot that will change the course of history.