The Old City has fallen.

In the midst of the destruction, Moshe
Sachar, the courageous Israeli leader, remains in a tunnel safely hidden
deep below ground. There he guards one of the few remaining treasures
of Jewish antiquity: ancient, sacred scrolls that tell of a long, heroic
history. With the instructions of an elder rabbi, Moshe opens a scroll
as he has done before, and again he becomes immersed in the story of
Marcus, a Roman centurion, and Miryam, the troubled young woman Marcus
loves. Their timeless love story is set against the corrupt and
tumultuous politics of the Roman empire. Caught up in this dramatic
moments in history is Avel, a poor young Jewish orphan fighting for
survival on the streets of Jerusalem, who, searching for comfort after
his best friend is killed by Roman soldiers, vows revenge. As word of
miraculous deeds performed by the mysterious prophet Yeshua spreads
throughout the people, his followers swell in numbers, and Roman
officials fear a threat to the state. When Yeshua’s cousin is brutally
murdered at a Roman festival, tensions escalate, and Yeshua’s fate
becomes all the more uncertain.