can be brutally cold and lonely in Pennsylvania, so young Amish widow, Sadie Fisher, rejoices when she rents out her guest cottage for three months. But when
wealthy, impulsive Englischer Kade Saunders arrives, she isn’t
sure she wants him around. Sadie feels the stress of the
bishop’s watchful eye, expecting her to act in accordance with the Ordnung,
the understood behavior by which the Amish live. To complicate things,
Kade is soon surprised with sole custody of a child he barely knows — his
five-year-old autistic son, Tyler.

Sadie and Tyler form an
immediate bond. As she grows to love and understand this
exceptional child, her feelings for Kade grow into something that both
terrifies and exhilarates her. And while Kade seems to feel the
attraction to her as well, their worlds couldn’t be farther apart.

must stay true to her Amish roots, but denying the love she feels is
impossible. Could it be that God has the improbable in store for Sadie?
And will she have the faith to step into a love bigger than she’s ever
dreamed possible?