Christopher Marshall is a weary and wounded ex-soldier who just wants some peace in his life.  He met Hannah in the hospital and later corresponds with her.  When he visits her and Matthew, he envies them their happiness.  Then he meets Matthew’s sister, Rebecca Bontrager, and there’s a clash of cultures and values between the former career military man and the gentle, pacifist Amish woman.  Yet there also is a deep attraction between them, and they fall in love.

Born and raised on a Kansas farm, Christopher finally finds peace in this simple community helping Matthew with the crops. Christopher expects resistance to his presence from the Amish but is appalled when he and Rebecca experience threats. He has no fear for himself.  But to protect Rebecca, he resolves to leave everyone and everything he has come to love in this place he calls “God’s country.”  When he discovers who his enemy is, he realizes he must stay and reveal a secret that has sent him into a different world than he has ever known.