It is said that as Cahira, daughter of the great Irish king Rory
O’Connor, lay dying of a wound from a Norman blade, she lifted her hand
toward heaven and beseeched God that others would follow…breaking forth
from the courses to which they are bound to restore right in this
murderous world…

To Kathleen O’Connor, Cahira’s story was nothing more than a legend–until research divulged that the tale was true. Stunned, Kathleen realizes she herself bears Cahira’s mark. Is she destined
to continue the legacy? To find the truth, Kathleen must delve into the
past to find the truth about The Heirs of Cahira O’Connor…

Flanna O’Connor, a young medical student in Boston, is cut off from her
family in Charleston at the start of the Civil War, she decides to
disguise herself and move south with the Union Army. While in disguise,
she must prove herself as a soldier and a doctor, both to her messmates
and to Major Alden Haynes, brother to the man she has tentatively agreed
to marry. But when Flanna and Alden are trapped between two armies, can
Flanna trust God with her future…and with the love she has sought all
her life?