The auburned-haired O’Connor women share a bond far deeper than their
striking physical appearance. These courageous, high-spirited women all
push against societal limits in this exciting historical, romantic novel
that spans generations and countries from 13th-century Ireland to the
excitement and mystery of 15th-century Prague.

It is said that as
Cahira, daughter of the great Irish king Rory O’Connor, lay dying of a
wound from a Norman blade, she beseeched God that others would follow
her calling. To Kathleen O’Connor, Cahira’s story was nothing more than a
fable–until research divulged that the tale was true. As a stunned
Kathleen realizes that she herself bears the mark of Cahira, she wonders
if she is destined to continue the legacy.

To uncover the
answers, Kathleen delves into the past to find the truth about the Heirs
of Cahira O’Connor. It is a journey that carries her across
generations, from the battlefields of 13th-century Ireland to the
castles of 15th-century Prague. It is a past filled with peril, courage,
vengeance, love, and sacrifice beyond anything she has ever known.