Case of the Robbed Recipe: A Christian Mystery for Kids
Collar Cases Series #1
Amanda Trumpower
Knotted Oak Press
Genres: Children’s, Middle Grade Kids
Release Date: January 6, 2022

ISBN-10: ‎ 1939586119
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1939586117

Book Summary:
Welcome to Bowwow!
Join the adventures of feline and canine investigative reporters, Mittens Meow and Alex Digger, as they chase stories, solve mysteries, and bring justice to the good citizens of Bowwow.

Alex has a passion for food, but his snacking future is jeopardized when his favorite baker suffers a terrible theft! Together, he and his best friend Mittens—the bravest, smartest (and bossiest) reporter at the Bowwow Bark—must find justice for Grandma Basset.

Who robbed the top-secret recipe? Was it the disgruntled designer Dotty Dipstick, who angrily quit that very morning over “creative” disagreements?

Or perhaps it was Robert Roland, the suspiciously evasive engineer?

Or could there be someone even more sinister lurking beneath the small town peace?

Mittens and Alex may be the most famous investigative reporters at the Bowwow Bark, but they’ll need all their wits to crack this case. Otherwise, Alex just might starve!

Can they uncover the culprit in time?


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About The Author

Amanda Trumpower writes for Jesus lovers who dig dragons, detectives, and droids. She's a twin mom, second-generation homeschooler, D&D enthusiast, and board game fanatic. She has a masters degree in Library & Information Science. She likes to describe this as "the least impressive masters degree in the world" because literally no one knows it's required to be a professional librarian. Back when she wore her librarian cape, she thrived on planning events, building relationships with tweens, and helping senior citizens recover their email passwords. Now, she writes books for kids and serves snacks to her twins.

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