About The Author

Abigail G. Thompson has loved writing words in all forms whether penning a great adventure novel or simple, heart-wrenching poetry. The art of words has filled her heart with an unending need to always have something in the works. A story, an idea is never far from her mind. She hopes her words, her stories inspire, mold, and shape how people view the world around them. Abigail believes that no matter the age we all need comfort to our aching souls and words are a great comfort for us all. Abigail is also a high-school student who also adores to read, draw, bake and play with her three dogs. When she isn't scribbling a brilliant new story idea you will find her spending time with her family and friends. Her family is military, home is wherever the military sends them. Currently, she has one other book, Scrawled Out Timeline.