Author Naomi Kinsman Gives Tweens a Heroine to Root for in the Conclusion of the From Sadie’s Sketchbook Series

“Kinsman offers a realistic and nuanced rendering that works for readers who want to know about the role of Christian faith in a young person’s development, as well as those who like a fresh story about the journey of growing up.” — Publishers Weekly

Fans who followed Sadie Douglas when she stood up against bear hunters in Shades of Truth and Flickering Hope, and regained control of her life in Waves of Light, will adore the continuing story of the tween heroine in BRILLIANT HUES (Zonderkidz; $7.99; September 2012), the fourth and final book From Sadie’s Sketchbook.

In BRILLIANT HUES, author Naomi Kinsman continues Sadie’s tumultuous tweenage years with an engaging and mature book that will satisfy those who have followed Sadie and those who are new to the character.

Sadie and her family return to California, where Sadie’s father takes on another high-profile case as a research mediator. The media attention throws Sadie into the spotlight – jeopardizing her safety – and she struggles to fit in. She returns to Owl Creek for a reprieve and discovers she no longer fits in there, either. As she struggles, Sadie encounters an even wider sphere of Christian beliefs, challenging her in new ways. She must find the courage to face her fears and create a new life for herself.

Award-winning author, Naomi Kinsman, once again provides a gratifying story for tweens who see themselves in Sadie. Kinsman speaks to her growing fan base with realistic stories, reflecting girls’ lives and issues sensitive to their hearts. Adolescents, particularly those who struggle with their faith as they come of age, will relate to Sadie’s story and learn that with God in their hearts they can overcome any obstacle.

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About The Author

Naomi Kinsman shares her adventures through her company Society of Young Inklings, dedicated to empowering young writers across the country. Naomi is the author of the 2009 Moonbeam Gold Medal winner, Spilled Ink, and has written and directed more than 50 plays for young audiences. She lives in Northern California with her husband.