Uhrichsville, OH (January 1, 2023)
A brand-new addition to the charming Gone to the Dogs cozy mystery series is arriving on shelves this January. In book 3, Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Janice Thompson, veterinarian Kristin Keller is determined to figure out why her star patient is suddenly acting like a very different dog just days before his next big agility competition.

Barking up the Wrong Tree
Gone to the Dogs Series #3
Janice Thompson
Barbour Fiction
Genres: Mystery & Suspense/Animal Mysteries
Release Date: January 1, 2023

ISBN-10: ‎ 1636094511
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1636094519

Book Summary:
A Champion Dog Is Off His Game
Grab a puppy to snuggle and unwind with a delightful small-town mystery in book 3 of the Gone to the Dogs Series.

Inquisitive, detail-oriented, Veterinarian Kristin Keller prides herself on winning over any dog. But has this self-proclaimed dog whisperer finally met her match in a Sheltie named Remington who has just won the Texas state agility course competition? The champion pooch is acting out of sorts–almost as if he is not the same dog. Has he, by chance, been switched out with another dog just before the next big competition? Kristin and the other Lone Star employees will do anything to help the Atkinson family figure out this mystery surrounding their beloved Remington.


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About The Author

The prolific Janice Thompson, who also publishes as Janice Hanna, is a seasoned romance author and screenwriter who writes novels, non-fiction books, magazine articles and musical comedies for the stage. Her fiction ranges from romantic comedies to YA fiction to mysteries. Janice has written more than forty books, many under the name Janice A. Thompson. She lives in Texas.