Molly Jebber is a best-selling and award-winning Amish historical romance author. Her books have made Publisher’s Weekly Best Ten List, USA Today, and been featured on newspaper sites and popular magazines across the U.S. She is also a national speaker for Women’s Christian Connection, and has served as a keynote speaker for writing conferences, and as a guest lecturer at libraries & events across the U.S. on writing, publishing, & marketing. Molly recently signed a contract with Sony/Pureflix for a movie of her book, Liza’s Second Chance.

In this interview, she talks with us about her latest novel, book number five in her Amish Charm Bakery Series titled Magdelena’s Choice.

FF: What inspired the story in your book?
Amish are human. They have flaws or disagreements with others. I wanted to show how Magdelena would have a difficult time disagreeing with the parents she’d always obeyed and the consequences and courage she’d have to consider when going against them on her choice for a mate. How she prays for answers and has faith in God to see her through any circumstance, and believing in God’s forgiveness. Something women might relate to in their lives or someone they know.

FF: Why did you write Magdelena’s Choice?
No matter how old we are, we want to have a good relationship with our parents. Magdelena feels the same, but her father asks her to marry a man she doesn’t love. He has his reasons, and she has hers. She will have her heart broken either way she chooses. She also wants to please God. Does she let go the man she loves, or obey her father?

FF: What can you tell us about the main characters in your book?
Magdelena is kind, but not afraid to speak her mind. Her parents have more money than most Amish, but you’d never know it from her. She’s relatable, a strong believer in God, but not without her flaws. Toby is hard-working, strong believer in God, and one of the poorest Amish men due to his father’s early onset of poor health in his family’s life. He’s saving money working as a handyman and provides for his parents and sister. You’ll recognize Magdelena’s friends from Books 1-5 in this series.

FF: Which character surprised you the most?
Toby…He faces many challenges in this story, and he’s not without his flaws. But he’ll surprise you in how he reacts to gossips and Magdelena’s father. He became a man I admired, respected, but he also made me want to say, “No, don’t do that!”

FF: Why do you think storytelling is such a powerful way to share truth?
In my stories, it’s important to me that readers notice how important God plays in my character’s lives. They face turmoil, prejudice, and life-altering decisions that may test their Amish traditions and lifestyle. I want my readers to root for them, but wonder how my character will ever have what they want in the end. But they laugh, cry, and have wonderful close friends. Magdelena will make your mouth water with all her recipes and delicious cookies, pies, and cakes.

FF: How has your faith or world view impacted the way you tell stories?
No matter how difficult life is or how our world changes, one thing is for sure. God says he will never leave or forsake us if we believe and trust in him, and I believe this in my life. He also promises to give us the peace that passes all understanding if we ask for it. Also that we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. I like to show all these things in my characters lives with all that I throw at them in making the circumstances they face so dire.

FF: Is Magdelena’s Choice part of a series?
Yes. Magdelena’s Choice is the fifth book in the Amish Charm Bakery Series and it released January 25, 2022. The Amish Charm Bakery Series will end with Rachel’sS Decision which will release January 25, 2023.

FF: We hear you have some exciting news. What can you tell us about it?
Yes. I signed a movie contract with Sony for the Pureflix streaming service. I’ve optioned Liza’s Second Chance, my first book in the Amish Charm Bakery Series. If all goes well, they are talking about optioning the rest of the series. Pureflix is a streaming service like Netflix, but it is a Christian based movie service. Pureflix has done movies like I Am Not Ashamed, God’s Not Dead, and many more. I’m a consultant working with their Screenplay writer and producer. It will probably be next year before it airs.

FF: What is The Cedar Box in the Amish Spring Romance Collection about?
The Amish Spring Romance Collection is an anthology which releases March 1, 2022 that I’m involved in with wonderful Amish author friends, Jennifer Beckstrand, Patricia Davids, Kathleen Fuller, Debby Giusti, Rachael Good, and Jennifer Spredemann. We each wrote an Amish romance story. Mine is The Cedar Box. The main character is Madeline, who leaves Berlin, Ohio to manage her aunt’s candy and candle store until her aunt recovers from a broken leg. She’s sad to leave her Amish friends and family to help an aunt she doesn’t know, until she meets Adam. Her aunt doesn’t approve and warns Madeline to stay away from him. He jilted a woman for no good reason. Madeline is willing to give Adam a chance, but she finds out he’s kept something from her. She’s in love and heartbroken. What does the future hold for the two of them?

FF: Why do you write Amish Romance?
I have visited Amish communities for years, and I’ve loved their farm tours, learning about their lifestyles and traditions, and their faith in God. I love God, and without him I would be nothing. I enjoy talking to Amish, and they have been so forthcoming, kind, and supportive of my books. They have problems like us, and I like to show no matter how bad their situations get, they don’t lose their faith in God.

FF: What advice would you give to new writers?
To never give up. Look at contest critiques and edits to your work by author friends who have your best interest at heart as an education. Critiques and edits from other authors and agents made me a better author. Find online or in person writing groups to participate in, read Familyfiction articles and interviews, and write the story that you want to tell. We want to read it!

Magdelena’s Choice
Amish Charm Bakery Series #5
Molly Jebber
Genres: Amish Romance
Release Date: January 25, 2022

ISBN-10: ‎ 1420150693
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1420150698

Book Summary:
Fresh-baked muffins fragrant with ripe blueberries …cinnamon-scented turnovers that transform any meal into a feast. … In 1914 Ohio, the Amish Charm Bakery holds a special place within its close-knit, faith-filled community, where love finds a way through God’s grace …even for a widow faced with an impossible choice between her head and her heart. So when a meet-cute at a wedding leads Magdelena and Toby into a cross-class romance against the wishes of her father, can they draw on their faith to follow their hearts?

As the daughter of a wealthy rancher, Magdelena Beachy may not truly need her job at the Amish Charm Bakery, but she enjoys tending to customers, be they neighbors or curious Englischers. Only one thing would make life sweeter, and that’s if Toby Schlabach would court her. It’s not just his dimples and smile that warm Magdelena’s heart—she admires his kindness and values. Yet she worries their chance may slip away . . .

With his daed ill and his mother and sister depending on him, Toby can’t yet offer Magdelena the future she deserves. But even as he nears his goal, he learns her father has arranged a match with another suitor. Magdelena risks shunning if she goes against her family. Choosing a path will take courage as well as faith—in God’s plan, and in this steadfast, tender love . . .


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About The Author

Molly Jebber’s award-winning books have been featured on Publishers Weekly’s Best Ten Recommended Reads, in USA Today’s Happy Ever After, RT Book Reviews and more. You’ll also find her on Romance Writers of America's Honor Roll. She tours and speaks about Amish history/traditions, writing, marketing, publishing, and about her books. She loves God, her family, friends. She enjoys swimming, golf, reading, and says yes to butterscotch pie and parasailing, but no to coconut and skydiving!