Dana R. Lynn works as a teacher for the Deaf and hard of hearing during the day, and writes in the evening. Crafting stories all her life, she is often seen jotting down ideas wherever inspiration strikes.

Her latest novel is Hidden in Amish Country(Love Inspired Suspense): There’s a bull’s-eye on her back, and Englischer Sadie Standings can’t remember why…but she’s sure she can trust Amish widower Ben Mast. With the single dad’s help, she’ll hide in Amish country while trying to figure out why someone is after her. Because unless she uncovers the secrets of her past, both their lives will be forfeit.

In this exclusive interview, Dana gives us some details about the book, explains the research behind the story, and reveals the book’s spiritual themes…

No spoilers, but what can you tell us about Hidden in Amish Country?

Hidden in Amish Country is a romantic suspense story revolving around Sadie Standings, a young woman with amnesia who is running for her life, although she has no idea why a killer is after her. With no where else to turn, she must rely on the help of Ben Mast, an Amish widower with a young son, to survive.

As the story evolves, Sadie and Ben are faced with constant danger, and several shocking revelations. Their wounded hearts begin to trust again as they draw closer. All the while knowing their developing feelings are hopeless.  After all, he is Amish, and she is not.

What kind of research or background did you need to get the details right in the story?

Part of the research while writing this story involved interviews and a visit to a nearby Amish community. I find visiting these communities fascinating.  Depending upon the area and the district, they can vary in a multitude of ways, from the color of the women’s dresses and the shapes of their bonnets, or whether they are allowed to ride bicycles.

What spiritual themes run through the book?

Forgiveness is a huge theme in Hidden in Amish Country. Ben especially has to learn to forgive himself to move forward.

In addition to forgiveness, Hidden in Amish Country also has the theme of trusting in God’s plan. Both characters are independent minded. They need to learn to trust in God’s providence and to let Him be in control.

How does this fit into the larger picture of the Amish Country Justice series?

Hidden in Amish Country is one of two stories set in Waylan Grove, an imaginary town in Ohio. While it is still under the Amish Country Justice series umbrella, it is only lightly connected to the first five books, which were set in LaMar Pond, Pennsylvania. Readers should have no difficulty understanding the story, even if they have not read any of the others.

What do you hope readers will take away after reading Hidden in Amish Country?

I hope the readers will come away with the sense that God is infinitely more powerful than any circumstance they might encounter. On a literary level, I want the readers to fall in love with the characters and close the book satisfied with the resolution and the happy ever after Sadie and Ben found at last.

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About The Author

Dana grew up in Illinois, but now resides in rural Pennsylvania with her husband, three children, and enough animals to start her own petting zoo. She is an interpreter for the Deaf and hard of hearing during the day, and a wife, mother and author by night. Her friends know to beware .. .anything they say may someday show up in a story.