The author of several Amish novels, Barbara Cameron continues her Harvest of Hope series with Buried Secrets (Gilead Publishing). Following the death of her husband, Rose packs up her young son and leaves their life in Ohio to move back to her family in Paradise, Pennsylvania. Will family secrets get in the way of a second chance at love? In this interview, the author shares her goals with the novel, the most challenging part writing it, and what she hopes readers take away after reading it…

What can you tell us about the Harvest of Hope series, and how Buried Secrets fits in?

Buried Secrets is the second in The Harvest of Hope series set in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Rose, a widow, has returned to the community where she grew up to take over the family farm. Her twin sister, Lillian, has arranged for Luke, a newcomer to the Amish community to help her with the farm. But Lillian hopes Luke will be more than a helpmate. But Rose has a secret that she feels prevents her from having a relationship with Luke or any other man. Little does she know Luke has a secret, too.

What were your goals writing Buried Secrets?

I love writing about twins. My mom and dad had twin siblings so I heard many stories about their relationships with them as I grew up. I wanted to show readers the relationship twins can have. I also wanted to explore how a woman who has had one great love can find her way out of grief and love again. I do believe in second chances!

What was the most challenging part of writing this novel?

It can be a challenge to write about grief and not have the book be “down” and depressing. One thing that helps Rose move through her grief and find joy in life again is her little boy, Daniel. Her love for bringing the family farm back to life helps her, too.

Which character surprised you the most?

Daniel. I really enjoyed writing about him. Being around a young grandson gave me many ideas. I don’t know how parents cope with all that energy!

What do you hope readers take away after reading Buried Secrets?

I hope that readers will be entertained and inspired by Rose’s journey. Losing someone we love is hard but God can help us through it if we let Him.

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