If you’re a regular here at FamilyFiction, it stands to reason that you love to read. Has there been a recent book that particularly moved you? Ministered to you? Made you laugh, made you cry, made you think? Your experience with that book doesn’t have to end when you turn the final page. In fact, here are five ways you can show your appreciation to that author…


If you enjoyed the book, tell someone what it meant to you. Talk it up online, in person, with your friends, with your family—with anyone for whom you have a good reason to say, “Hey, I just read this great book.” Post a comment on Facebook. Tweet about the book on Twitter. Pin the cover on Pinterest. Post the cover on Instagram.


Another way to spread the word is to write honest reviews. Post them on online booksellers—including Amazon, Christianbook.com, Barnes & Noble, and others. Post a review on Goodreads and on your social media accounts. Post a review on your blog. You don’t have to write dozens of different reviews—in most cases, it’s fine to copy and paste your review into multiple sites. Don’t sweat whether your review is eloquent enough—if you liked the book, that’s all you need to say! (Well, OK, say a little more than that.)


Ask your local booksellers and local library to carry the book on their shelves. Ask for the book by name—this can be a great way to generate word of mouth. Ask your local book club to add the book to their lineup. Ask your church library to carry the book.


Give out copies of the book as gifts. Sure, you can lend out your copy—but why not show your support by buying copies for friends or family? Remember the book when it comes time for gifts for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, or other appropriate occasions.


If the book made an impact on you, one of the best things you can do is let the author know. You might be able to send a message or email through his or her author website. You can also tag them every time you mention the book on social media. Most authors never hear directly from their readers. If you take a moment to reach out, you can really make that author’s day.

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