As the leaves fall and winter gives way to beautiful
sunsets and scenery, curling up on your porch with a good read is a must. These
recommended reads will meet the needs of romance, contemporary, thriller,
military, or historical readers. Add them to your wish lists and enjoy!

Love’s Fortune by Laura Frantz

The final novel in Laura Frantz’s Ballantyne Legacy will have
readers all aflutter as Rowena (Wren) Ballantyne discovers the grandparents she
has never known due to distance and a mysterious estrangement. In Love’s Fortune (Revell), Wren is
suddenly thrust into Pittsburgh’s high society, so different from her Kentucky
backwoods upbringing. Frantz ends the trilogy well with beloved characters
returning and a burgeoning romance between Wren and steamship pilot, James
Sackett. But will another man come between them?



Hidden in the Stars by Robin Caroll

Combining her penchant for suspense with the popular Quilts of
Love line, Robin Caroll’s Hidden in the
(Abingdon), tells the story of an aspiring Olympic gymnast whose
dreams are shattered in a home invasion that kills her mother and renders her
mute. Detective Julian Frazier is determined to find the killer but his
investigation is hampered by Sophia’s inability to speak and his growing
attraction. Neither realizes that the clues are right before them in Sophia’s
mother’s quilt.



by Ronie Kendig

Setting the blistering pace and danger she is known for, Ronie
Kendig’s military thriller, Hawk
(Shiloh Run Studios), explodes with danger and energy from the first page.
Raptor Team is back with Brian “Hawk” Bledsoe stirring up trouble and falling
for Fekiria, an Afghan woman, leading a secret life. As a terrorist continues to
mark Raptor team for destruction, Hawk finds himself the only hope for Fekiria
and some small children as they become caught in a mountain snowstorm they
should not survive.



Buttermilk Sky by Jan Watson

Former nurse and peri-natal loss counselor, Jan Watson, pens
stories about her beloved Kentucky, where she resides with her Jack Russell
terrier who has a penchant for sitting on her lap while she writes. Jan’s
seventh novel, Buttermilk Sky
(Tyndale), has young mountain girl, Mazy Pelfrey, leaving home to attend
secretarial school in the big city of Lexington, who becomes torn between the
charming and wealthy, Loyal Chambers, and her mountain man former beau, Chanis



Nightmare City by Andrew Klavan

If you’re looking for a book for young or even older readers, pick
up Andrew Klavan’s Nightmare City
(Thomas Nelson), when high school reporter, Tom and his girlfriend Marie try to
solve the terrifying mystery of why the streets of their town are empty and
covered in an insidious fog. A haunted monastery might hold the clue but is it
more likely to be a voice coming beyond the grave? Tom only has hours to solve
the mystery before he, too, becomes lost in his nightmare city.





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