These five authors have talent to spare–each writing hit fiction in more than one genre!

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teddekker-5authors-150TED DEKKER
Ted Dekker is well known for his speculative fiction and thrillers, including The Sanctuary and his Paradise Trilogy. He launched a historical series with A.D. 30 (Center Street) is set just three decades after the death of Jesus and takes readers on a historical adventure.

lisatbergren-5authors-150LISA T. BERGREN
It was a nagging little storyline in the dead of night that stirred Lisa T. Bergren to pen the first draft of her now bestselling children’s series. But she also writes historical, romance, speculative and even young adult fiction!

davis-bunn-5authors-150DAVIS BUNN (THOMAS LOCKE)
Thomas Locke, the suspenseful thriller and speculative author, may be a name you haven’t seen for a while but it’s actually beloved author Davis Bunn, who most readers know as a bestselling historical author.

donita-k-paul-5authors-150DONITA K. PAUL
Donita K. Paul writes fantasy for kids and adults of all ages, including the Chiril Chronicles, the DragonKeeper Chronicles, and the Realm Walkers series. She also co-wrote a children’s book with her daughter Evangeline Denmark, The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari.

sigmundbrouwer-5authors-150SIGMUND BROUWER
With millions of copies sold worldwide, author Sigmund Brouwer writes for a diverse fan-base with books for children, suspense-lovers, science-fiction readers and historical fans.

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