Thriller writers are often responsible for late
nights, pounding hearts and sweaty palms as
their exciting prose evokes charged emotions.
The following 11 authors, while new to their
craft, are sure to do the same!

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Tom Pawlik
Christy Award-winning author
Tom Pawlik writes imaginative
thrillers with supernatural
twists. Discover his unique
stories, Valley of Shadows, Vanish, Beckon and
his 7 Hours novella, Recollection (Tyndale).

Jonathan Cahn
The leader of The Jerusalem
Center, one of the largest
Messianic Worship centers
in the world, Jonathan Cahn
has penned an end-times thriller that
has captured the imagination of readers
everywhere. The Harbinger quickly became
a New York Times bestseller.

Lis Wiehl
Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl
has quickly become a reader
favorite with her Triple Threat
and East Salem series (Thomas
Nelson). Look for her most recent novel,
the second in her East Salem series,
Darkness Rising.

Don Hoesel
Don Hoesel returns with his
brilliant yet tardy archaeologist
Dr. Jack Hawthorne from
his debut novel, Elisha’s Bones,
in his latest adventure thriller, Serpent of
(Bethany). Also discover The Alarmists
and Hunter’s Moon.

Joshua Graham

Joshua Graham has received
awards and accolades for
his thrillers with his latest,
Darkroom (Howard), garnering
a first place Forward National Literature
Award. Forward National Literature Award.
It is replete with mystery, suspense and
heart-pounding adventure.

Erin Healy

First writing with Ted Dekker,
editor Erin Healy has struck
out on her own, writing
compelling thrillers including
The Promises She Keeps, The Baker’s Wife
and her most recent release, House of Mercy
(Thomas Nelson).

Mike Duran

Former pastor turned writer,
Mike Duran has written three
novels to date: The Resurrection,
The Telling (Realms) and the
self-published Winterland. Mike is also an
avid blogger about things related to
theology, faith-based stories, and the
Christian publishing industry.

Robbie Cheuvront & Erik Reed

The Journey Church’s worship
pastor, Robbie Cheuvront, and
lead pastor, Erik Reed, have
combined their writing talents
and published two novels, The
and the first in a new
series, The 13: Fall (Barbour).

Chris Skates

Nuclear chemist Chris Skates’
environmental thriller, Going
(Bridge Logos), incorporates
murder, terrorism,
political intrigue, global warming, espionage,
violence, romance and Christian faith, and it
will appeal to readers of Grisham and Clancy.

Mike Dellosso
Finding freedom in the written
word, Mike Dellosso pens
his thrillers to entertain and
speak to the heart. Look for his
7 Hours novella, Rearview (Tyndale) and his
latest full-length novel, Frantic (Realms).

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