Brock Eastman wasn’t a reader, much less a writer. Two things happened to change that.

The first was a conversation at work with a friend. “We got to talking about how death is portrayed so lightly these days on television and in other media,” Brock shared. “So I set out to write a book where no one would die, or if someone did, it would not be taken lightly. As a Christian, I recognize that death should not be glossed over.”

He intended to simply share the story with friends and family, but a job working for Focus on the Family to market Adventures in Odyssey connected him to content teams and publishers. He chose to go with P&R Publishing for his Quest for Truth series.

Taken, the first book in the series, follows the adventures of the four Wikk children after their parents are abducted. The futuristic tale is filled with spaceships, gadgets and mysterious creatures.

“I love the freedom you have when working on a world of your own imagination,” Brock says. “Each word, character, place or creature is unique to the author’s perspective, and the delight comes from the fans’ enjoyment of your creation.”

When he’s not writing, Brock enjoys the Colorado outdoors and quality time with his wife Ashley and their two daughters. The value of family shows up in his books. “Kids need characters and stories that teach them solid moral principles. More often the media that kids consume has immoral and fanciful characters that mislead kids about right and wrong. Being a husband and father, I want to write stories that are family friendly and can encourage the importance of family.”

Brock continues to work on the rest of his five-part series. “Readers can expect more non-stop action and a deeper mystery as they find they’ve only peeled back the first level of the conspiracy.”

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About The Author

Brock D. Eastman is Product Marketing Manager at Focus on the Family, where he works on the world-renowned "Adventures in Odyssey" brand, a show his dad got him hooked on when Brock was little. Brock, his wife and their two daughters reside at the base of America’s mountain, and are learning to call Colorado home, but sometimes need a visit to the cornfields and hospitality of the Midwest.