Katie Weldon wonders if she was crazy to
spontaneously fly off to Africa on a mission trip.

What was she thinking? Suddenly she’s
dealing with a new culture, a world she’s never experienced — and Eli, a
friend who is quickly becoming much more. It’s all overwhelming … and
exciting. As her life turns topsy-turvy, however, she begins to think
this might be exactly what she needs. Here, God might give her a glimpse
into His will for her life. But just as Kenya and its people find a
place in her heart, and her relationship with Eli begins to get serious,
Katie is faced with unanswered questions from her past and unresolved
issues with Eli. Is she really headed down the same path into the future
he is? It doesn’t look like it. Why can’t she finally and forever
settle into a set direction? Living in this new and captivating place,
one thing she knows for sure: anything might be possible.