“Kinsman offers a realistic and nuanced rendering that works for readers who want to know about the role of Christian faith in a young person’s development, as well as those who like a fresh story about the journey of growing up.” — Publishers Weekly

Fans of Naomi Kinsman’s coming-of-age series Sadie’s Sketchbook will continue to root for their favorite tween heroine as she is thrown from one unfortunate situation to the next in the eagerly-awaited third book, WAVES OF LIGHT (Zonderkidz, May 2012).

The newest story finds Sadie grappling with her faith. Her good friend Frankie has moved away, a new girl in town seems to have stolen all her friends’ attention, and her mom’s health continues to decline despite new therapies.

Sadie finds solace in her trusty sketchbook and in the school play she’s helping produce, until a flash flood destroys the home of her art teacher, who was helping create sets for the play. As her world begins to crumble around her, how can Sadie trust and believe in a God who would allow all of this to happen?
With her faith – and her life – on edge, Sadie turns to an unlikely person who helps her realize that, even in her darkest hour, God is still with her.

WAVES OF LIGHT will resonate with longtime fans and new readers of the Sadie’s Sketchbook series, who will love Sadie’s fearlessness and ability to overcome obstacles by putting her faith in God first. Followers of the faithGirlz! brand will also find that this latest title ties in nicely with their collection of inspiring books for tweens. To learn more about the Sadie’s Sketchbook series visit www.sadies-sketchbook.com.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Naomi Kinsman is the author of Spilled Ink, winner of the 2009 Moonbeam Gold Medal for Educational/Activity book, as well as last year’s Shades of Truth and Flickering Hope, the first two books in the Sadie’s Sketchbook series. As the founder of the Society of Young Inklings, which offers game-based classes, unique resources, national club membership and publishing opportunities for young writers, she shares her passion for writing and creativity with young people across the country. Kinsman is the Assistant Regional Advisor for the San Francisco South chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She lives in San Jose, California. naomikinsman.com

ABOUT FAITHGIRLZ!: Faithgirlz is a collection of books, Bibles and resources designed to provide transformational Christian experiences for tween girls. The brand encourages honest tween-girl empowerment by providing engaging, relevant, high-quality offerings, and helping tween girls understand their world, learn biblical teachings, become closer to God, and grow into Godly teenagers. Faithgirlz also offers excellent content and contributions from leading Christian tween writers and spokespeople including Nancy Rue, Melody Carlson, Kristi Holl, and more. www.faithgirlz.com

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About The Author

Naomi Kinsman shares her adventures through her company Society of Young Inklings, dedicated to empowering young writers across the country. Naomi is the author of the 2009 Moonbeam Gold Medal winner, Spilled Ink, and has written and directed more than 50 plays for young audiences. She lives in Northern California with her husband.